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Aaron Fisher - Pathways to Mastery Lesson (1-12)
Aaron Fisher - Pathways to Mastery Lesson (1-12)
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2013 professional card magic classroom Aaron Fisher - Pathways to Mastery Lesson(You can purchase a single set )

Aaron Fisher in the professional class penguin network card , each episode contains a detailed card must go the way of teaching and a number of supporting processes.

Article 01 sets demonstration effect :

Article 02 sets demonstration effect :

Article 03 sets demonstration effect :

Article 04 sets demonstration effect :

Article 05 sets demonstration effect :

Set on the demonstration effect :

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Article 09 sets demonstration effect :

Episode 10 demonstration effect :

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Episode 12 demonstration effect :

This episode of Pathways is literally loaded with techniques and effects that will get you powerhouse reactions from any audience! First, you'll be introduced to the incredible world of bottom switches. You'll get several techniques and all the training you need to apply them successfully in the real world.

You'll receive step-by-step training in three commercial effects, designed to show you the potential of these profound techniques.

Aaron has shown great knowledge on the history and theory of magic. He uses this information and his experience of performing to effectively teach and convey this knowledge to others. Since spending time with Aaron, I have improved on my sleights and understanding of the principles behind . the construction of good magic Having feedback and knowing that the information I am being taught is reliable has improved my confidence I am now able to start applying those principles to other situations and effects "-.. Dan Andrews, Horsham, England

"Every time I have a lesson with Aaron I come away inspired, more confident, more knowledgeable and a better magician." - Andrew Hillcoat, Glasgow, Scotland

"A lot of people in the magic world have great knowledge they share, but it really takes someone special to have the knowledge of how to teach I really do believe Aaron has that special talent -. To get people from where they are to where they want to go It's really a phenomenal thing "-.. Jimmy Vee, Orlando, Florida

"Since beginning lessons with Aaron, my magic has grown tremendously. He has really changed my technique for the better. He has a knack for seeing exactly what I'm doing wrong, and explaining the solution in a clear way. He has changed the way I look at presenting magic, and I am on the way to becoming to a true performer. He takes the time to make the lessons mine, and is willing to help me learn what I want to learn. In just a few months, lessons with Aaron have really changed my magic for the better "-. Frank Jiruska, Evanston, Illinois

"Aaron's teaching has made me better at the things I want to be better at, his honest insight has made me aware that there is a logical development in learning sleight of hand. Most important, his mentoring and friendship has shown me that I do have the ability to accomplish my card magic goals Thanks Aaron "-.! Tim Mech, Toronto, Canada

"Aaron Fisher's lessons rank with the best magical instruction I've ever seen Like a hip college prof coaching his students for finals, he teaches both moves and theory, helping all magicians to reach the next level.." - Jerry Dunn

Pathways to Mastery Lesson 1: The Shuffle System by Aaron Fisher
The Shuffle System will train you in the essential skills and concepts required to control a selection to any position in the pack without arousing the slightest suspicion.
You'll learn why performers are most vulnerable during this part of the effect - and what you need to do to make sure you never get challenged at this crucial point in the process.
55 minute instant download.

Pathways to Mastery Lesson 2: Essential Forces and Handlings by Aaron Fisher
This lesson will provide you with an arsenal of essential techniques you'll use virtually every time you perform magic.
You'll discover why the precise methods you use for the spread, the riffle and dribble have such an important impact on the overall effect of your magic And more importantly, you'll find out how paying special attention to these skills now -. Plays an essential role in your eventual ascension to master level card work.

Pathways to Mastery Lesson 3: Fundamental Switches and Construction by Aaron Fisher
This episode of Pathways is literally loaded with techniques and effects that will get you powerhouse reactions from any audience! First, you'll be introduced to the incredible world of bottom switches. You'll get several techniques and all the training you need to apply them successfully in the real world.
You'll receive step-by-step training in three commercial effects, designed to show you the potential of these profound techniques You'll discover.:
The Ambitious Glider
One of the cleanest, simplest Ambitious Card sequences ever devised. It's incredibly easy to do!
A Simple Transformation
One of Aaron's favorite approaches to the most popular effect in magic -. The transformation of a card into a spectator's selection You will not believe how easy this effect can be!
Future Foreold
Mental Magic with a punch. This effect also contains a mini misdirection workshop that will arm you with skills you will not master anywhere else!

Pathways to Mastery Lesson 4: Astounding Reverses by Aaron Fisher
Astounding Reverses accomplish powerful methods and astonishing effects. Secret reverses can do anything, from forcing cards to switching one packet for another. You'll be trained in the very best methods for mastering the essential reverses. You'll also discover the ultra important technique of 'blocking', a practice which will allow you to take techniques from the practice room, to confident live performance in record time - and acheive superior results.

Pathways to Mastery Lesson 5: Double Lifts & Turnovers by Aaron Fisher
Show me a magician who has never been caught performing the double lift and I'll show you a liar If the audience ever so much as suspects you of holding two cards as one -! You're toast.
In this 68 minute jam packed magic lesson, we'll make sure you never get busted again. You'll be shown every detail behind some of the most loved approaches to the most powerful technique in magic. More important, you'll discover the little known secrets that separate the few real card magicians from the rest of the pack.
If you want to be a true master of card magic, you will not want to miss this lesson!

Pathways to Mastery Lesson 6: False Counts & Flourishes by Aaron Fisher
Master the craft of card magic with packets - including a detailed lesson in the most powerful packet trick in history!
In this one hour and twenty minute chapter of Pathways, you'll receive an in depth lesson in the Elmsley count, perhaps the most natural deceptive false count in the lexicon of card magic.
Then Aaron will instruct you in great detail in his personal approach to Dai Vernon's seminal packet trick -. The bonide classic Twisting the Aces The touches and details you add to your repertoire in this portion of the lesson will change your magic forever.
Finally, Aaron takes you on a whirlwind tour of his favorite flourishes - and even better, offers you crucial advice that will you allow to add these valuable techniques to your repertoire without sacrificing any of the mystery and potential of your magic!

Pathways to Mastery Lesson 7: Classic & Invisible Passes by Aaron Fisher
The most in-depth lesson on the most powerful tool in the lexicon of card magic. You'll have to see it to believe it.In this one hour and twenty minute chapter of Pathways, you'll receive an in depth lesson in the Elmsley count, perhaps the most natural deceptive false count in the lexicon of card magic.

Pathways to Mastery Lesson 8: Gravity Half Pass by Aaron Fisher
From Every Angle - The Most Powerful Visual Technique in Magic.In this one hour and 30 minute chapter of Pathways, Aaron takes you on a step by step journey through the techniques, theories, applications and practice methods used by experts throughout the centuries that experts I have always used to unlock the secrets of magic's most challenging and important sleights - The Classic, or Two Handed Pass.
Aaron Fisher groundbreaking approach to one of the oldest, most powerful sleights in all of card magic, the Gravity Half Pass allows you to invisibly reverse any number of cards instantly - while being scrutinized by the most observant spectators In the process, it allows you. to perform some of the most visual, powerful card magic possible with an ordinary deck of playing cards.
Since the Gravity Half Pass first appeared in Aaron's modern classic The Paper Engine in 2002, Aaron has taught this sleight only to private students both around the world and to his online students. Until Now.
At over 70 minutes long, this is the first time ever the Gravity Half Pass has appeared on video instruction. Aaron will show you step by step how to practice and master one of the most powerful sleights every conceived.

Pathways to Mastery Lesson 9: Masterly Feats of Palming by Aaron Fisher
The Art of Palming can be brought to a level of skill bordering on the mystical - now you can find out how to do it yourself.
. The Art of palming cards is one of the most challenging and rewarding practices in the field of card magic When an expert in the field demonstrates his skill - the results are truly miraculous.
In this jam packed episode, Aaron will show you how to palm single and multiple cards from either the top or bottom of the pack, and share with you secret, essential techniques that will allow you to replace those cards without anyone ever knowing they were gone in the first place.
You'll also receive a tutorial in the esoteric and essential art of holding out -. Keeping cards secretly in your palm while spectators shuffle Magicians who master this area of ??card handling can perform miracles no other entertainers can match.
Finally, you'll master a simple, powerful and truly miraculous card to pocket routine worthy of any professional repertoire!

Pathways to Mastery Lesson 10: Side & Diagonal Steals by Aaron Fisher
The most direct methods there are for steal any number of cards from the pack - from any positions.
This episode of the Pathways series provides the most detailed instruction ever offered on both the right hand steal, commonly known as the side steal, and the left hand steal - the diagonal palm shift.
In a lesson running over one hour and twenty minutes, Aaron will show you step by step how to build your own system of card stealing that will literally take your audiences breath away.
You'll see how to steal any number of cards from any position of the pack -. In either hand This technology, coupled with the material described in the previous lesson on Top and Bottom Palms, can enable you to work miracles not possible by any other means!
Take Note -. This is HEAVY material Wear your big boy pants for this one ;-).

Pathways to Mastery Lesson 11: Multiple Switches Side by Aaron Fisher
Want the 4 Aces to leap at your command? Master the art of Multiple Switches!
Once you've tamed the Double Lift & Turnover, you're ready for Multiple Switches, a 60 minute odyssey into best ways to transform 4 Aces into four selections, or make them Ambitiously rise to the top of the pack. Aaron shows you the most important methods, shows exactly which ones you should use in any particular situation. You'll also receive training in the misdirection and performance chops you'll need to make sure every performance is perfectly deceptive and above suspicion.


Pathways to Mastery Lesson 12: Spread Culling by Aaorn Fisher
Ever since I first heard it was possible to cull cards - or secretly steal them during the simple act of spreading the pack from hand to hand, i was enthralled with the idea that I might one day be able to accomplish a miracle of that order myself ???
That day finally arrived - and today is the day I'll share the secret wit you.
In this packed final episode of Pathways to Mastery, you'll get the methods, tips and tricks i normally only share with my private students including:
The One Card Cull
The Two Card Cull
How to Cull Four Aces in between Tricks
How to Cull Four of a kind under the closest Scrutiny
How to use the spread cull to control a selected card to any position you with -
And all of it without arousing the slightest suspicion.
Beware -. This lesson is not for you unless you really have the passion and drive to develop world class skill The casually interested need not apply.

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