Atlas Brookings - White Out
Atlas Brookings - White Out
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Atlas Brookings - White Out


A young lady is brought onto the stage and asked to have a seat.

The mentalist then invites another participant on stage, who is asked to take a seat on the

opposite side of the stage. He fans open a deck of blue-backed cards, showing the faces

of the cards to the audience and both participants.

The mentalist then turns and asks the second participant to select a card, keeping it face

down and unseen. They are asked if they'd like to change their mind - and may actually

do so. Once arrived at, the mentalist takes this card and sets it down on a table set in the

center of the stage, between both participants.

The mentalist then apparently hypnotizes the young lady. In this state, the mentalist

suggests that she will be more open to demonstrating phenomenon of the mind. He then

asks the two participants to lock eyes with each other. After a moment the mentalist

interrupts this process and opens a red-backed deck of cards and displays them again to

the audience and both participants.

He then fans these cards face up in front of the "hypnotized" participant, asking them to

choose a card. The card they select is removed from the pack and shown to the audience.

At this point, the mentalist takes the blue-backed card from the table and shows that it

matches the red-backed card. The audience sees the match, the second spectator sees the

match, but when the "hypnotized" spectator is shown the cards, the blue-backed card is

consistently blank.

The mentalist explains that the fault lies with them - that their choice of words earlier

resulted in an inadvertent loss of memory on the part of the "hypnotized" girl. The

mentalist then sets the cards down on the table, brings the blue-backed deck back into

play, and shows the "hypnotized" girl the faces of cards, asking what she sees. She

declares them to be blank, at which point, the mentalist turns them around to show the

audience that they are normal.

The mentalist then brings the "hypnotized" participant out of the trance, and shows them

the cards, at which point the first participant agrees that they now have faces. He boxes

the blue-backed cards, and then takes the two left resting on the table and shows them to

the young lady. She agrees that they match and is given a round of applause as she exits

the stage.

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