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David Stone - Basic Coin Magic (1-2)
David Stone - Basic Coin Magic (1-2)
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Teaching basic coin Magic David Stone - Basic Coin Magic (1-2)

Basic Coin Magic Vol 1
Suitable for beginners , hobby and professional magic show full of coin magic tutorial. Nine processes, more than 15 kinds of basic techniques of teaching . After each performance the first presentation of the application process to the way , the final presentation entire process , each step was very detailed explanation .

A complete course for beginners, amateurs and professionals. Nine full routines you can use in real-world and professional conditions. More than 15 basic techniques! Multiple Awards winner Diavol Award 1995, Gold Dove Award 1996 ..., the french magician David STONE performs nine routines in this dvd. All the routines are explained in step by step detail, along with closely guarded moves still used by the worlds greatest coin magicians!
Mastering Coin Magic is difficult: Attention must be paid to technique, timing, rhythm, body language .... In this one hour long video, 15 moves and techniques are explained and performed in short routines that you can use in the real-world .. Each routine is detailed in a progressive explanation: First, you see the routine, then you learn the techniques used You finish by a full explanation of the routine..
David offers more than just explanations, he provides you with a full progressive course on Coin Magic. Presentation has not been overlooked.
Most of the routines explained in the tape are original: Old effects have been refreshed and performed in a new way.
Professionally produced with multiple camera angles. Dont miss the tool that will change the way you look at Coin Magic!

* Contents:
???The Wallet Pen:A coin disappears and re-appears several times from a pen cap! (Classic palm and Classic palm Vanish).
???A Little Trick:A coin and pen disappear and appear alternately, being achieved through skilful bluffing. (Finger palm and Finger palm Vanish).
???Bridal Journey:Two coins are attracted by magic, illustrating the proverb "money attracts money"! (Kaps and Ramsay subtleties).
???Guarded Hunt:David Stone's version of the "miser's dream" (multiple coin production routine) where a giant coin appears at the end! (Transfer).
???The H.P.C Travel:Two coins magically jump from the left hand into the right hand, owing to the famous Han Ping Chien move (Han Ping Chien Move).
???Copper Silvered:A copper coin magically changes place with a silver coin ... into the spectator's fist! The Copper / silver classic with regular coins (L'homme Masqué load and the Bobo Switch).
???Star Travel:A four coins across effect (coins magically travel from one hand to the other).
???The End of the World:A coin appears in the hand of a member of the audience and is transformed into a giant coin! (The Spider Vanish, the utility Switch and an easy practical method to produce a jumbo coin).
???Never 2 Without ... 4:Four coins appear and disappear, creating a nice sequence owing to the successful game of illusion. No sleeves required! This routine has already charmed the most renowned magic authors. (Shuttle Pass, the Retention Vanish and another method to produce a jumbo coin).

Basic Coin Magic Vol 2
Similarly , the new nine processes, 25 kinds of action means teaching . Start focusing on the effect of the expression of magic statements , learn to grasp the rhythm of each process.

The French magician David Stone is back ... with a progressive lesson in Coin Magic and 9 brand new routines, including one of the wildest? Flurry? Routine ever made and 25 moves and sleights you can do anywhere, in any stand-up conditions ???
No expense has been spared:. Professionaly produced and filmed, multiple camera angles, high-quality picture and professional dubbing More than 85 minutes of professional magic you can use and perform in front of anybody, anywhere.
Presentation has not been put aside either:. Each routines has its own patter and presentation David Stone has kept no move, tip or subtlety for himself.
As in Vol. 1, Stéphane Jardonnet has captured the best camera shot to help you learn the proper way to use each technique. An invaluable tool for learning coin Magic. Compulsory for the amateur, necessary for the professional, and valuable to any magician ready and willing to explore the world of Coin Magic.

* Contents:
???Thank You for the Tip:Four coins are produced from a spectator's sleeve whilst the magician seems to have empty hands (a review of technical principles from Volume 1).
???One Way:Four coins jump from the magician's hand into the spectator's. The fourth coin appears in her closed fist (the Steal, 'Tea for two' clip).
???It Fits You Like a Glove:We will not tell you what happens in the first part of the routine in order to surprise you! A very sharp and magical version of the copper / silver classic. (Pely's secret turnover, Load under mat).
???I Want You:A very visual four coin production, where coins multiply one at a time. The last split is literally performed before one's very eyes, with the hand wide open. (Thumb palm, Back Thumb palm).
???Cash Money:Four coins jump from the left hand into a clear glass in the right hand, one at a time. In this version, the magician practically never puts his hand on top of the glass! (The Back clip).
???Fire:A coin appears in a flame, then disappears and reappears several times in a very distinct way, whilst the magician has his sleeves rolled up! For a finale, the coin visually changes into a bank note! (The Edge Grip, Fingertip production, Front clip, Top pocket Vanish, Ammar wiped clean, Torres move, Flash bank note Fold).
???Dr. Kard & Miss Money Surprise:The magician very cleanly displays both sides of two playing cards, then produces four coins from between them. (Turnover Load, Sliding coins under cards, Pick up Switch).
???Cocktail Matrix:This is a very convincing version of the famous chink a chink classic, with a surprise ending! (The Olram subtlety with coins, Loupi's table turnover).
???Smile Land:Without a doubt, it is the most incredible routine in this DVD. It is especially astounding because it uses giant coins. The routine is indescribable. It is a series of events, with each successive event being more magical than the previous one. It is a chorus of subtleties and misdirection up until the final climax. (The Goshman pinch, Rhod Chic Production, Dr. Roberts' sleeving method, Different loads and palms with Jumbo Coins, False transfer, Jumbo wiped clean, Jumbo classic palm, Jumbo clip, Jumbo Curl Palm ...).

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