Doug Dyment - Zenermancy
Doug Dyment - Zenermancy
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Doug Dyment - Zenermancy



Tarot cards dominate today's divination landscape: a visitor to a typical ???psychic fair??? will find more than 80% of its readers using them. And this presents one of the reasons why tarot may not be the best choice for those who wish to do readings commercially: it??s a crowded, highly competitive field, making it difficult to differentiate oneself. Another reason is tarot??s strong identification with the occult: many people are quite frightened of these cards, and/or ascribe to beliefs that prohibit their use.

One option, of course, is for the reader to return to traditional (pre-tarot) playing cards. In addition to being a more historically accurate approach, this can be an effective solution, especially when using cards featuring older designs. Another is to seek out cards with different symbolism altogether; various types of special ???fortune-telling??? decks are manufactured for this purpose, though a preferable choice is one with a real-world history, yet still containing effective symbolism.

This monograph proposes instead the use of popularly-titled ???ESP testing cards??? (actually, Zener symbol cards) for this purpose: they carry an interesting ???scientific??? cachet, embody an anthropologically rich set of symbology, and can be framed in the context of a divinatory system that is steeped in both complexity and historical accuracy (dating back thousands of years). Even Hollywood has portrayed Zener symbol cards as divination tools (in the star-studded 2000 film The Gift, starring Cate Blanchett as a psychic reader).

Zenermancy offers a solid foundation for the understanding and interpretation of Zener symbolism and its use in divination. It provides not only a broad, detailed exploration of these topics, but a variety of reading methods and much helpful information for both nascent and experienced cold readers. The volume comes packaged with a set of business-card-sized Zener ???flash cards???, to be used as a learning tool while mastering the system, and subsequently to deliver basic ???symbological readings??? (replacement sets of these colour-printed cards are available for gifting to high-value clients as a souvenir of the experience).

The book is organized as follows:


Symbols: Introduction

Symbols: Interpretation

The Circle

The Cross

The Wavy Lines

The Square

The Star

Transitions: Introduction

Transitions: Interpretation

A Reader Prepares

First Steps: A Simple ???Symbological Reading???

Mnemonic Aids for the Symbological Reading

Encouraging Dialogue

Sample Symbological Readings

Reading Dynamics


Suggested Card Spreads (Layouts)

A Cleromantic Alternative

Reading Styles

The Extended Reading

A Sample Extended Reading

On The Validity of Readings

On Being a Perpetual Student

Some Supportive Tools

An Abecedarian Adjunct

Coloured Symbols


Even non-readers will find value here, in the form of rich patter material to inform Zener-symbol-based presentations.

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