Ed Marlo - Marlo\'s Magazine (1-6)
Ed Marlo - Marlo's Magazine (1-6)
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Master Classics of Poker Magazine Ed Marlo - Marlo's Magazine (1-6)

Now the issue of most poker teaching , there will be references to this magazine , he for a poker enthusiasts who study magic , a magic as any masterpiece .
Malone poker magazines , a total of six episodes .


Ed Marlo - Marlo's Magazine vol 1

Table of Contents

Solomon's Mind


Secret Moves

Marlo's Deal Switch
Marlo Technique For Minus Multiple
No Break Marlo-Curry Change
The Related Deal
Card Substitution
Unit Upjog Addition
Filling The Hand
The choice elevator

Dissertations, Discussions and Assertions
K.M. Move - With Reverse Fingering Action
Single Card Exchange
Double Card Exchange
Exchanging Two of Four
Exchanging Three of Four
As Applied to Devilish Miracle
This is a four king trick
Exchanging four of eight
Surprise Transposition
Direct Transposition
Mental Card Across
Packet for Packet Transposition
Sandwich Approach

Succession Aces

Ace Puzzle D.F. Solution
Double Index Solution
First Method
Duck and Pull
Second Method
Ace Problem
Simple Handling Suggestions
Marlo's Third Method
Fourth Method
Technicolor Succession Aces
Technicolor S.A. Revisions
Succession Aces Pure Method
Scoop Up Palm

Dissertation on Oil & Water

Oil & Water Plus Climaxes
Cutesey Climax
Conditioned Oil & Water
Further Dissertation on Oil and Water
Third Phase (Oil And Water)
Oil And Water
Additional Comments

Plot Effects

The Synchronized Clock
Synchronized Clock Setup Version
The Piano Duet
The Repeat
The Pellet Classic
Deep Dunbury
Quick Deep Dunbury
Logical Faced Triumph
Simple Right Handed Triumph
Double Barrel R.H. Triumph
Right Handed Triumph
Improved Procedure Invisible Toss
Gaffed Mental Trap
The Mental Secret
Think As I Think
No Palm Climax
My Best Number
Hofzinser Would Have Loved This
Notes on Packet Switches
New Sandwich Switches
Favorite Switch Procedure
The Vanish
Devils To Witches
Sandwich Switchout (Off The Face)
The Motel Mystery
The Prodigal Card
No Doubt About It

Old Business

Marlo Strip Cuts
Top and Bottom Transfers
Multiple Card Transfers
The Tabled Cover Up Cut
The Tabled Block Slip Cut
A Switch on The Ten Hand Poker Stack
Additional Ten Hand Stacks
Second Method (One Riffle Shuffle)
Third Method (One Riffle Shuffle)
Double and Triple Peek controls
The Secret Incomplete Faro
The Controls
Second Method
For Fingertip Peek
Two Card Control
Three Card Control
Double Fingertip Peek
Triple Fingertip Peek
Combination Controls
Removal Combination Control
The Marloesque Peek
Lapping Moves
As An Exchange


Marlo Card Secrets
Which One Was Brighter?
Cheat to Cheat Poker


Ed Marlo - Marlo's Magazine vol 2

Table of Contents


Solomon's Mind


A Slew of Cannibals

Women's Cannibal Liberation


Popular Effects with Marlo's Golden Touch

Marlo's Impact

2nd Method

Reversed Image

Visual Mental Surprise

The Spell of Cards

Marlo Side-Jog Placement Cull

I Came Here to Spell the Aces

Under a Spell

The Direct Spell

Shuffles and Spells

Sophisticated Spellino

A Routine of Spells

Mental Power # 2

Marlo on The Pass

Before the Pass

Marlo Tilt Pass

The Tilt Table Pass

The Extended Fingers Cover

The Body Pass

The Turn Around Action

Marlo Wrist Turn Pass

As a Platform Pass

As a Table Pass

As a Drop Cover Pass

As a Half Pass

Additional Observations

Notes on Stanyon Top Card

Cover Pass

Turn Around Half Pass

Spring Dribble Table Pass

Secret Moves

Easy Slip Cut

Ace Additions

Marlo Variation of Vesser


Streamlined Act Routine

Streamlined Sophistication Routine


Combined Olram Subtlety

The F.O.E. Count

F.O.E. Count Conjuring

Complete Reversed Routine

The Bluff Count

Notes on the Color Change Deck Routine

Mechanical Color Changing Card Case (Aronson)

Slide Tabled Turnover

Wrist Stroke Changes

The Tilt Glimpse

More Miracle Card Changes

The Unbelievable Change

First Effect

Second Effect a Delayed Transposition

For Cardicians Only

The Snap Change

Marlo Swivel Change

Additions to Double Lift Substitutes

The Grab Swing Cut

Marlo Pick Up Move

Pick Up Move to Card Case


Ed Marlo - Marlo's Magazine vol 3

Table Of Contents


Solomon's Mind

Ace Assemblies With a New Finesse

The Knoxville Knockout

The Marlo Layout

Almost Bluff Assembly

The One At a Time Reverse Assembly

The Olram Aces - Racherbaumer

Secret Moves

In Fingertip Control
Less Out Convincing Control
Solomon's Approach
Marlo's Suggestion
Out of Control Control
A Flexible Crimping Technique
The Razor's Edge
Inner Corner Take
Center Side Take
Bottom Deal Count Take
Marlo's Natural Second Deal
The Two Card Deal
Marlo's Pinch Spread
New Grip for V.C.
The Flexible Count

New Revolutionary Chapters

Flexible Visual Change
Multiple Visual Change
Devilish Miracle Switchouts
The Fake Putdown
Marlo's Covered Deck Switch
The Covered Thought
Another Marlo Deck Switch
Marlo's Visual Retention Deck Switch
Marlo's Double Undercut Deck Switch

Same Plot Only One Step Further

8 Card Oil & Water
Pure Oil & Water
Technicolor Oil & Water
10 Card Oil Water Telecolor
Second Technicolor Oil & Water
The Re-Opened Prediction
The Spectator's Open Prediction
Vanish & Poker Combination
New Approach to a revisit
Un-Gaffed Approach
The Stapled Cards
Marlo on the Stapled Cards
The Pinned Cards - Solomon
Marlo Pure Method

2nd Method - Solomon

Gaffed Pip Cover

Double Bubble Method

Clipper Method

2nd Clipper Method

The Double Double Bubble

Marlo's D.D. Bubble Method

Direct Pinned Cards

The Interlaced Vanish

Old Business Updated

Block Push-off Technique

Sophisticated Push-off Technique

Adding the Fake Push-off

Overcoming Problems

Addition to Push-off Technique

Another Double Turnover

Stud Type Turnover



Ed Marlo - Marlo's Magazine vol 4

Table Of Contents

Marlo Punch Deal

Putting in the work

Feeling and Dealing

The Marlo Punch Deal - Routine and Presentation

Aces and Kings or Jacks and Queens

The Multiple Combination

The Pushoff Second Deal

Aces at any Number

The Punch Cut

The Edge Mark Cull

Steve Draun's Idea

One Way Combination Deal

A Tip for Mental Over Physical

Nelson's Punched Cards

Ed Marlo - Marlo's Magazine vol 5


Ed Marlo - Marlo's Magazine vol 6

Direct Dunbury Delusion
Marlo's Split Deal
A One At A Time Split Deal
Vanish - Transposition - Recovery
After A Shuffle Spell
Flexible Move
Nuzzos's Pocket Appearance
On the Card to Pocket - The Side Trouser Pockets
Loading the Angled Pocket
Loading the Side Pockets (Very Slight Angle)
Loading Straight Seam Side Pockets
Crossed Arms Loading
Loading the Outside Coat Pockets
The Inside Coat Pocket Load (Shirt Pocket)
Loading the Shirt Pocket
Loading the Back Pocket (Trousers)
Some Observations
From a Gambler's Cop
More on Card to Pocket
The Empty Hand
Flat Palm from Top
Top Steal
Waistband Ditch
Tip - Ambitious Bit # 1
Tip - Ambitious Bit # 2
The Spectator Removes Em
Ace 2-3-4 to Pockets
Inside Jacket Pocket
Angle Steal
The Effect
BDE Type Force
Inside Jacket Pocket
Cardician's Card To Pocket Sequence
Turnover Palm
The False Count
Latest Riffle Shuffle Systems
Five Card Stack
The Riffle Shuffle Culls
A Three Shuffle Cull
Full House Cull
Marlo's Cull System
Full House Cull and Stack
Combination Cull Stack
Shuffling and Cutting to the Aces
The Flush Cull and Stack
Culling Two Sets of Fours
Sophisticated Cull Stack
From a Shuffled Deck
5 Hands - One Riffle Shuffle
Center Riffle Shuffle Stack
Efficient Full House Cull and Stack
Expediting a Stack
Revised Double Stack
Logical Stack Procedure
A Royal Flush Stack
One Side Riffle Work
The Roman Shuffle Stack
Roman Shuffle Plus Short Cards
Roman Shuffle Bottom Cull
Tip - Ambitious Bit # 3
New Approach Strip-Out Shuffle
Tip on the Thru Push
The Bluff Push Thru Shuffle
Single False Cuts
False Shuffle and Cut Combinations
Multiple False Cuts
Nullified True Cuts
No Jogs False Cut
Tip on Up The Ladder Cut
New Approach In-Jog Shuffles (Injog)
Flexing the Deck
Overhand Cull Shuffle
Marnese Overhand Stack
Streamlined Overhand Cull and Stack
Olram's Method
The Coinless Crimp
Coinless Crimp Cull and Stack
Tip - Ambitious Bit # 4
Tip - Ambitious Bit # 5
The Triumph Stack
Addition to Triumph Stack
The Oh Henry Stack
Illogical Curry Change
Vogt's Transposition
Multiple Illogical Curry Change
Multiple Transposition
The Spectator's Card
Illusion or Reality
Tip - Ambitious Bit # 6
Tip - On Card to Case
Tip - On the Unexpected Prediction
All Alike Prediction Gag
Latest K.M. Move
New Approach I.F. Control
In the Same Place
2 Card Center Glimpse
Infallible Packet Estimation
Sophisticated 26 Card Faro Check
San's Telephone
Treasure Chest Mentalism
Behind Your Back
Marked Control
Four Told
The Silent Count
1st Effect
2nd Effect
Spectator Cuts to a Thought
Four Ways To Go
Epitome Location
Undiscovered Possibilities - 1st Effect
2nd Effect
New Approach to a Location
Signature Transfer
Longitudinal Palm Replacement
Latest Observation Test
Triumphant Procedure
Impossible Duo
Three Packet Triumph
The Spectator Really Triumphs
The Mindreading Faro
Incomplete Double Faro Condition
Think of Any Card
Note on the Mind Reading Faro
Blown Away Plus
Three Trips to Out Of This World
A Choice of 52
The Ninth Method
The Buckle Break
Marlo Bottom Count
Olram's Order
Two Marlo Ideas - First Idea
Two Marlo Ideas - Second Idea
New Idea Transposition
On the Multiple Illogical Curry Change
Lessionout Power Poker
Doubly Devilish Miracle
A Subtle Transposition
And That's Your Card
Marlo's Nerve Count
Marlo's Packet Switch
Liepzig Would Really Have Loved This
A Brief Description of the K.M. Move
Palm Adds
Fingertip Controls
A Marlo Control
Red and Blue Miracle
Anybodies Deck
Identical Thoughts
Almost Ultimate Ambition
The Intuitive Spectator
Updating A Classic
Logical Dunbury Delusion
On Spectator's Hand
Detailed Slow Motion Aces
Card Clip Color Change
Real Gone AC / DC
Interlock Steal
Turning the Tables
Grant's Lost Card Trick
A Spelling Miracle
Pre-Faro Preparation
The Sorceress Queen

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